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Made to seamlessly shift from office to outdoors, versatility and durability were front of mind in the design process.


"I long for watches like this. I long for a tangible product like this to invigorate, excite and entice me... Highly contemporary. Highly inventive. Bucket loads of fun!"


Occasionally a really unique and genuinely interesting timepiece rocks up... It’s exceptionally and impressively flawless under the macro lens.

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Truly one of the best dials we've ever laid our eyes on... a watch like the Metropolitan is not an easy piece to find.


In a world of divers, it’s refreshing to see a sporty watch that doesn’t require a rotating bezel. The Ayers Metropolitan watch is this, and more. It’s a fully modern, dedicated follower of fashion. Oh yes, it is. With a fully luminous dial, it requests, no– demands further examination.

Wrist Watch Review

The dial of the watch is a lovely piece of 3 dimension work that draws you into the face of the piece every time you look at it .... Beautiful design and really well made

28 Days Earlier

I think the Metropolitan is lovely. It’s case proportions are excellent, and the full lume effect is nothing short of stunning. 

The Time Bum

I definitely think they hit it out of the park, it's very cool, it's very different, and I like it.

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