28 Days Earlier on The Metropolitan

The Metropolitan

Our latest review is from 28 Days Earlier.  This one really left us smiling.  

Hop over to check out the post, being a watch maker, Dan also tested the movement by putting the watch on a timegraph, and we were really happy to read that the watch is keeping time very well indeed and anyone owning one would not notice anything except how accurate the watch is.

Our favourite excerpts: 

"Its often best to start one of these reviews with the first impression, no time to over think it, no time to edge it, and so similar to what I say in the title, and as I said to my wife when I unboxed the MT-1 'What a really nice well made watch, I am going to enjoy this'”

"The dial of the watch is a lovely piece of 3 dimension work that draws you into the face of the piece every time you look at it."

"This is a really well constructed watch, very fine attention to detail and genuinely feels like a quality product, if you like the look of the watch for day or evening use you will not be disappointed, it would be a great addition to anyones collection, I love it and everything about it."

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