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A very early start this morning and nervous drive out to see Johnno and Jana and talk about what brought us to this point in our story.
A great discussion about overcoming fears and taking action to achieve our goals.
We’ll always regret the things we didn’t do over anything we did.

For anyone that wants to take the chance and take an extra step in life? Go for it! You’ll only live once.
Just give it a go, its important to plan, but don’t get stuck with analysis paralysis. 
If you have an idea you think may work, take the first step.  Even if it’s just talking to people that have done something similar, making a prototype… Don’t fear ‘failure’, if you hit some setbacks, that’s how we learn. 
There are so many things involved in designing a product and launching a brand from scratch.  To look at it as one big project would make it seem an almost insurmountable feat. We took this step by step, and learned as much as we could along the way.  We know we can't get it exactly right first time around, but we'll have done our best and anything that doesn't go as planned, we'll chalk up to 'experience'!

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