The Time Bum on The Metropolitan

The Metropolitan

The Time Bum has posted the first hands on review of The Metropolitan, and we're pretty happy with it!

Some of our favourite excerpts:

"...striking though the dial may be, I think the Metropolitan’s real strength is its cushion-shaped case. It measures 44mm wide and just a touch over 51mm long. Most striking is thickness, just a scant 10.5mm from sapphire crystal to sapphire cashback, which makes it appear almost pancake flat."

We were really adamant on not sacrificing the slimness of the case for a cheaper movement, so are really pleased it is being appreciated here. A super slim swiss movement would have been two to three times the cost of Miyota, too much for a first entry to bear.

Had we gone with a thicker case and cheaper swiss movement, we'd have more of a crowd pleaser on our hands... but we know that once people have The Metropolitan on their wrist, they'll appreciate the case and the decisions that have been made here.

"I think the Metropolitan is lovely. It’s case proportions are excellent, and the full lume effect is nothing short of stunning. Early bird backers will be getting an eye-catching but still very wearable watch at a reasonable price. Ayers will start pre-orders at half of retail, and a Metropolitan for about $500 looks like a very nice deal."
We tend to agree :)

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