Watch Reviews: Behind the Scenes

Ayers Metropolitan

Something that interests a lot of people outside of the watch community is the process of sending our prototypes off for review.

We have just one prototype for each colour option (as manufacturers limit the number of prototypes permitted prior to placing an order).  These three have been travelling the world since we sent them off in February; from Taiwan to US, UK and Germany, we've four more countries on the list for the coming months.

From specialist blogs with very large readerships and multiple contributors, to YouTube channels, and individuals with an interest in watches and an instagram account, our prototypes have been in many hands.

Majority of those that have handled our prototypes have reached out to us via instagram or Facebook, and all spend a great amount of their spare time reviewing and or photographing watches.

All the hands on reviews have been unpaid, they are unbiased and we don't have any right of review prior to their posting.  We simply pay the postage on to the next person.

We provide a preview of the watches to the reviewers prior to their becoming available to the general public, and in return, the reviewers provide us with their much valued opinion and some great content for us to share.

Our updated dial design and second round of prototypes was heavily influenced by the feedback provided by early reviewers, and our next watch model will undoubtably include these reviewers from a much earlier stage. 

We've been really happy to discover the interactive nature of this watch launch - we never expected so many to be involved.  It makes this all feel like much more of a team effort.

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